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  • The Quality of our work is what sets QUEST apart, whether we’re supplying you with parts or offering our services through electrical contracting and installation...

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  • Is your business up to date with your electrical testing and electrical inspections? Obtain an EICR from QUEST to confirm the compliance of your electrical circuits...

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  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is not a legal requirement, however, it’s a great way to reduce electrical risks, such as a fire. Upon completion of your PAT test, you will find...

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  • Whether you’re looking to relocate your business or you need a new machine installing in your current premises, QUEST can help. We provide a complete machine...

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QUEST Electrical Contracting

QUEST Industrial Electrical Contracting is an NICEIC approved industrial electrical contractor with over 25 years’ experience in completing commercial and industrial projects for many satisfied clients all over the UK.

We offer a wide range of industrial electrical contracting services to meet the needs of our clients in the commercial and industrial sectors, including LED lighting installations, electrical maintenance, electrical testing and net zero green energy services. All of our clients receive reliable and professional service from our electrical contracting team.

We have over 50 industrial electrical contractors with a wide range of expertise and qualifications, which is why you can contact us with confidence to provide you with a wide range of electrical services that meet all the relevant compliance standards.

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Trustworthy and Reliable Team of Industrial Electrical Contractors

Quality, Safe & Industrial Electrical Contractors

We are a professional company that strives for excellence in all areas of our business. From project management and customer communication to quality control – you can be confident that we will deliver your installation with little or no fuss.

As a trusted industrial electrical contractor in the commercial and industrial sectors, we have built up an excellent reputation for providing our customers with high-quality electrical systems and completing projects on time. Our track record of competence is unparalleled with the professionalism that you can rely on day or night.

Quest Industrial Electrical Contracting is a proud holder of the NICEIC and Safe Contractor accreditations, as well as CompEx Certification. This enables us to work in explosive environments safely and efficiently.

Our commercial electricians are highly trained and have extensive experience in completing electrical installations and services in hazardous areas, so you can be confident that we will complete your project to the highest standards.

Our company provides quality, safe, and professional electrical services. We have a track record of competence and are holders of the NICEIC and Safe Contractor accreditations. Our commercial electricians are highly trained and have extensive experience in completing electrical installations and services in hazardous areas.

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Power Factor Correction

LED Lighting

Commercial EV Charging Points

Solar Energy

Innovating for a Sustainable, Profitable and Greener Future for UK Business & Industry.

The UK is committed to tackling climate change and has reduced carbon emissions by 44% while growing the economy by 75%. Our net zero strategy sets out how we will meet global warming, but not with panic or short-term measures that would harm economic growth.

Instead, it relies on the creative power of capitalism which drives innovation reducing costs for going green so net zero becomes an achievable win-win situation for people; industry; the country as well planet itself.

Find out how QUEST’s Net Zero industrial electrical contractor services and installations can help businesses move towards net zero by 2050.

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