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QUEST Advanced Energy Analytics

It is estimated that in the UK alone, businesses waste £60 million worth of energy every year.

The QUEST Advanced Energy Analytics Platform

The QUEST Advanced Energy Analytics platform provides deep insights from site to equipment level. With advanced analytics, you gain a clear understanding of your energy consumption patterns, pinpointing when and where power is used. This knowledge paves the way for optimising consumption, reducing costs, and improving sustainability. Uncover efficiency gaps, identify energy-hungry equipment, and make informed decisions for a more efficient and cost-effective future. This will revolutionises your energy management by transforming data into actionable strategies. 

  • Measure – Enerlytic collects real-time energy data from site level down to a circuit-level of granularity.
  • Analyse – Our proprietary software analyses your consumption data, identifying energy losses on site and specific pieces of equipment.
  • Reduce – Enerlytic offers the opportunity to comprehensively understand your energy portfolio. Utilising the intelligence provided by Enerlytic to develop a well-informed and data-driven energy strategy, transforming your data into tangible and actionable outcomes.

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Why Capture Your Data?

Cost Efficiency

Tracking energy data helps identify wastage, optimising usage and equipment. This leads to reduced energy costs and operational expenses.

Energy Monitoring

Our measurement devices provide you with data collection, anywhere. Small and easy to install on to electrical boards, power can be monitored in real-time and identifies energy wastage including technical and behavioural. These insights can provide you with the data to show exactly how, where and when you consume.

Virtual Sub Metering – The Enerlytic platform can analyse the data from a single meter roughly into the contributions of the individual electrical devices, making it much more convenient and significantly cheaper than standard sub- metering solutions. Up to 45% cheaper than standard sub metering.


Our proven track record of competence and know-how together with our commitment to excellent quality and customer care has earned us a fantastic reputation as a trustworthy industrial electrical contractor to some of the UK’s largest companies.


QUEST Electrical are an expert in the field of industrial electrical contracting works. Our long history of working within manufacturing, industrial and commercial sectors provides our clients with the confidence and the trust that QUEST Electrical are there number one choice for high end electrical design, installation and commissioning services.

Valuable Insights

  • Enerlytic provides valuable insight into how your business uses energy, analysing data and identifying energy losses

  • Bringing together data from various sources including:

  • On-site consumption

  • EV charging points

  • Solar PV

  • On-site equipment

  • Cost Forecasting

Energy supply contracts are managed through our position tracking tool.

  • Our software integrates with fiscal meters and our virtual sub-meters, delivering a recharging solution for managing agents and landlords.
  • With visualisation of all tenant spaces, you are able to automatically calculate and apportion your energy costs in an easy-to-use tool.

Energy supply contracts are managed through our position tracking tool.

  • Identify any hidden risk premiums
  • Monitor commodity position against market
  • Monitor commodity positions against budgets