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Specialists in installing LED lighting and emergency lighting systems throughout the UK

QUEST Electrical can design and install a range of lighting systems specifically for your commercial, industrial, retail or leisure premises. If your business is looking to upgrade your current lighting, replace faulty lighting or retrospectively fit LED lamps or tubes, QUEST can install a system that not only provides a happier and healthier environment for your staff and customers, but can also be much more energy efficient too.

Our team of fully qualified electrical engineers are all NICEIC accredited with a wide range of skills and experience working within sectors. If you are looking for a company that can provide lighting installation services for your buildings, get in touch with QUEST. All work carried out by QUEST will be compliant with most up to date regulations.

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Our LED lighting design & installation services include:-

  • LED Lighting Design & Installation

  • Energy Saving LED Solutions

  • Emergency LED Lighting

  • Car Park & External Lighting

  • Retrofit Lighting Solutions

Important Points to Consider with Energy Saving Factory Lighting Installation Design

If you are considering the installation of energy saving industrial lighting in a factory, there are a number of key points that need to be explored when designing a new lighting system.

Required light illumination of the factory

A high quality factory lighting survey and design should identify issues with uneven light distribution from existing industrial lighting systems (such as dim areas or inadequate lux levels for the work taking place in the factory).

Height and placement of existing factory lights

Most factory buildings are large buildings and often have low and high bay light fittings that are difficult to reach. Appropriate access equipment will be required to carry out the installation safely. Energy efficient industrial lighting systems (such as LED lighting) have very long lamp life expectancy.

Ongoing maintenance can prove difficult to keep on top off. These new energy efficient industrial lighting systems are ideal and should be specified in your industrial lighting design ready for when undertaking the factory lighting installation.

Lighting exposure to dust/moisture

This is important to know, as some new energy efficient factory lighting installations (such as high bay and low bay industrial LED lighting) can suffer from build-up of debris on their heat-sinks which need to be cleaned to continue to function properly. It is important to use the correct IP rating on the low or high bay industrial lighting fittings.

Factory Floor Activity

Evaluating the population of the zones on the factory floor will identify the potential of using an energy saving lighting system which will automatically switch or reduce the light illumination in response to the occupancy of the area in use.

Availability of natural daylight to the factory floor

Presence detection controls and modern industrial lighting systems can be programmed to automatically adjust output/illumination in response to the daylight that is available to the area.

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